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I'm a final year ecology student making jewellery and art in my spare time. I started this blog to keep track of my progress and meet other artists and crafters from around the world.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thrifty finds

I managed to find some time to go thrifting this weekend. Well, made time while Matt was staying and I didn't feel compelled to spend every minute in university! So I thought you might like to see what I found. Sorry for the bad light/flash.

I found these gorgeous cups in my favourite charity shop. It's on the corner of the main road into uni which makes it a bit dangerous as I have to walk past every day! The only remedy I've found is to make sure I only leave after 5 o'clock when I know it'll be shut! It's not a problem on the way in each morning as I'm usually late...

When I took them up to pay the woman said there should be two matching saucers but it turned out they'd been sold on their own earlier and she started saying rude things about the volunteers who work there. I assured her it was fine and I loved the cups anyway and she gave them to me half price because of the lack of saucers so it worked out fine!

The kids' sewing book as lovely, full of beautiful illustrations and photos. And since I'm a bit out of practice at sewing it's probably about my skill level!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Going home

I got back today from a lovely long weekend at home. I was staying at my boyfriend's house but still got to spend some time at my parents' too which was nice. I've mentioned Matt a few times on this blog but never really told you who he is so I thought it's time I did that. On a lot of the blogs I enjoy reading people talk about their significant others with codes and nicknames or initials and I think it's great fun trying to guess what they mean or stand for. But when I tried to do that here it just felt silly. I got as far as "my boyfriend" and that was it. I don't mind you knowing his name's Matt, I love the name, and I'm sure he wont mind either. So from now on I'm just going to call him Matt and you'll know who I mean, and I wont get confused!

I had a lovely time at home. We cooked nice meals together, we went out, we walked the dog, we watched Black Books on DVD, and just chilled and had a nice relaxing time. And now I have to go back to my dissertation and I'm feeling stressed again already!

So here is a picture of the ATCs I made for a swap recently, to delay the thought of red squirrel population densities and habitat preference for just a bit longer ...

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