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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Puppy Love!

I was very excited to get the post yesterday, as this little bundle of joy had arrived! It made a nice change from the usual bills and the ocassional textbook from amazon!

His name is Archie and he is a sock puppy made by the very talented Manda. If you haven't visited her blog you really should as it's fantastic and she makes some wonderful things which can be found in her shop. There may even be more sock puppies! In fact as I went over there for the link there are new ones! They're addictive. I liked Archie so much I had to buy him, but now I keep liking each one she makes which is dangerous as I can't buy them all!

Anyway, my boyfriend found out about my love of the things, (because I kept telling him and sending him pictures of the new ones I liked) and instead of thinking me very weird as most people might- probably you reading this! he secretly snuck over to treefall and bought me Henry Lewis! It was a lovely surprise this morning to find him waiting for me in the post along with a bar of my favourite chocolate :)

So now I am the proud owner of two lovely puppies. As you can see they have settled in nicely and are getting on very well.

I haven't been making a lot of art recently and I miss it. I've arranged a couple of ATC swaps to get me back into it when I have a bit of spare time. Nothing too heavy though as I should really be concentrating on uni as this is my final semester of my final year...

Better get back to that dissertation!


Anonymous Manda said...

Ahh, thank you for such lovely words!!! And I'm so pleased to see that both Archie and Henry Lewis are now living with such a lovely owner.
What a kind boyfriend you have too!

11:53 pm  
Anonymous carolyn said...

Archie and Henry Lewis are so gorgeous I hope they are being good little puppies, no chewing if slippers etc. What a considerate boyfriend you have, lucky you.

6:27 pm  
Anonymous Annika said...

I love them too, they are so cute and I want all of them to move in with me :)

I think you make some beautiful jewellary. Its always fun finding others who also makes jewellary changing thougths and inspiration with.

Have a nice day!

7:49 am  

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